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 Pulzný oximeter JM170
 Pulzný oximeter JM170 Pulzný oximeter JM170 Pulzný oximeter JM170

Pulzný oximeter JM170

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Technical specification

•Oxygen desaturation index ODI4
•Data store and analysis, Data review
•Screen Display 4 directions and 6 models
•0.96"Dual-color OLED display
•Visual and sound alarm function, pulse rate sound indication
•Anti-movement, good low-perfusion performance
•Low power consumption ( less than 30mA)
•Power Supply: 1.5V (AAA size) alkaline batteries × 2

Range: 35%~100%
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: 2% (range 80%-100%),
3% (range 70%-80%),
unspecified (﹤70%)

• Pulse Rate
Range: 25bpm / min ~250bpm / min
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: 2bpm Normal
3bpm Motion/low perfusion

• PI
Range: 0~30%
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: 1%(range 0-20%),
unspecified ( 20%-30%)

• ODI4

One Device - Multiply usefull advantages

1、Four Parameters: SpO2 +PR+PI+ODI
2、Data Store, up to 8 hours
3、Graph review, each page 15 min, up to 32 pages
4、Data analysis Result
     ODI4 , Recorder time , Max SpO2, Min SpO2, Max PR, Min PR

Perfusion Index ( PI)
PI is the Index Perfusion (PI), PI value reflects the pulsatile flow of blood, that is reflected Blood flow perfusion ability. The greater the pulsation of the blood flow, the more pulse component, the greater the value of PI. Therefore, measurement Site (skin, nails, bones, etc.) and the patient's own blood flow (flow of blood)
will affect the value of PI.

What is the ODI4?
Oxygen Desaturation Index of 4 Percent
ODI can be better to reflect the severity of SAHS.
An elevation in ODI may lead to increased oxidative stress in the body that may predispose people to long-term cardiovascular risks, including high blood pressure (hypertension), heart attack, stroke, and memory loss associated with dementia.
ODI4 indicates the severity of hypoxia during sleep, if this number is greater than 5, please go to the hospital for further examination

What is SAHS
Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops for more than ten seconds during sleep. Sleep apnea is a major, though often unrecognized, cause of daytime sleepiness. It can have serious negative effects on a
person's quality of life, and is thought to be considerably underdiagnosed in the United States.

Polysomography (PSG) is the gold standard for the diagnosis of SAHS, but the operation is complex and cost much, it is not easy to popularize.


Sleep apnea




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