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ANGELSOUNDS 90C Prenatálny odposluch
ANGELSOUNDS 90C Prenatálny odposluchANGELSOUNDS 90C Prenatálny odposluchANGELSOUNDS 90C Prenatálny odposluch

ANGELSOUNDS 90C Prenatálny odposluch

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Technical specification

Product Feature:
Integral design of probe and host.
Ultra-thin ,portable,smart ,and cosmetic
Headset design allow the expectant mothers to listen the fetal heart sound at the same time
High sensitivity of ultrasound transducer
High precision FHR LCD digital display
Ultra-low ultrasonic output intensity ,far below the requirement of national standard, to
ensure the safe use, and with high safety quality.
Ultra-low energy consumption,two AAA alkaline batteries can meet loong time detecting.

Product structure
Product composition
This instrument is composed by host and external earphones

Product size and weight
Size: 117(L)×57(W)×35(H)mm
Weight: Net weight is about 80g (including battery).

Performance requirements
Working environment
Temperature: +5℃-+40℃
Humidity: 30%-80%
Atmospheric pressure: 60kPa-110kPa
Transportation and storage environment
The packed instrument shall be stored at -20℃ - +55℃
Relative humidity shall be 10%-93% (without condensation).
In the room with atmospheric pressure of 50kPa - 10kPa, with no corrosive gas and good ventilation

Main parameters
Ultrasonic working frequency
Nominal sound working frequency: 2.5MHz.
The deviation between sound working frequency and nominal sound working frequency shall be less than ±5%.
Fetal heart rate
Measuring range: 50-240bpm



Box contain

- 1 x Fetal Doppler
- 1 x Retailed Box
- 1 x Earphone
- 1 x English user manual